Trend Scraper trading robot

Trend Scraper trading robot

Trend Scraper is an ideal tool for anyone who needs a minimum number of settings and stable operation of the robot. Trend Scraper is completely self-contained and requires minimal external intervention.

The principle of operation of a trading robot Trend Scraper

This trading robot uses several indicators to determine the beginning of a new trend. After that, the robot automatically opens a new position. The position remains open until the indicators start to signal the end of the trend. Moreover, for the program to close a position, similar signals from several indicators are required. Only after that the position will be closed. If the trend continues for several days/weeks, Trend Scraper will hold the position open.

It is noteworthy that traders do not have to spend their precious time optimizing the robot. The package already includes 20 ready-made settings that are suitable for working on several popular market instruments.

Upon completion of the program and closing the active position, Trend Scraper monitors the indicators until there are clear signs of a new trend. After that, the program opens a new position. This is the advantage of this robot: it is able to analyze numerous indicators in a matter of seconds and make the right decision.

Monitoring allows the program to choose the most effective option among the popular market instruments, and open a new position.

It is noteworthy that the number of positions opened at the same time is unlimited and depends solely on the size of the trader’s Deposit.

Experts recommend a minimum amount of $300. It is this amount of money that will allow you to evaluate all the advantages of Trend Scraper.