The Pardus expert Advisor is a mechanical trading system

The Pardus expert Advisor is a mechanical trading system

Pardus expert Advisor is a mechanical trading system created on the basis of a highly effective trading system proven by time and practice.
The expert Advisor allows you to get high profit percentages with minimal drawdown, which is important for the safety of the Deposit and quick payback.
When creating an expert Advisor, the goal was to give the user the most effective tool for long-term, low-risk and high-profit trading.

The algorithm Advisor Pardus laid some solutions of a well-established Advisor 3WpU, with their further development.

The algorithm of the expert Advisor is based on the analysis of several technical indicators, a number of market patterns, candlestick analysis. A system of filters is used to avoid opening positions with a high degree of risk.
In addition, the expert Advisor uses a function based on the fundamental analysis of the market, which allows the expert to open positions only in such periods of trading sessions, in which trading is statistically the most effective, taking into account the market reaction to the release of significant news. This allows the EA to open positions with the highest probability of making a profit.

In addition to working with a constant lot, the expert Advisor provides an effective mechanism of Money Management, which allows to increase profits at optimal risks.

The expert Advisor contains a function to explicitly control the closing of the bar, i.e. the entry into the market occurs at the price of opening the following time interval (the next candle, bar), if the signal to open position remains in force. This eliminates the problem of discrepancy between the test results and the results of real trading.

Another feature of the expert Advisor is that two different functions are used to open and monitor long and short positions, i.e. separate algorithms for buying and selling, with different parameters. This is due to the fact that the dynamics of the market with the growth and fall is different.

When opening positions, TakeProfit and StopLoss levels are set, TrailingStop is also used.

Thanks to the versatility of the embedded system, the Pardus expert Advisor allows you to conduct successful operations on almost all major currency pairs and crosses.

The user can not worry about changing / assigning MagicNumber while trading different currency pairs and different time frames. MagicNumber is assigned automatically depending on the traded pair and period.

At the user’s choice, the expert Advisor can work in any trading conditions set by different brokers:

  • Market Execution,
  • Instant Execution,
  • data format with 4 decimal places,
  • data format with 5 digits after the decimal point (Alpari).

The expert Advisor has a function of automatic sending e-mail messages about opening and closing positions.