Safe martingale expert Advisor for Forex

Safe martingale expert Advisor for Forex

Despite the high level of risk, many traders in the Forex market use martingale Advisor. Its advantage is the ability to make high profits, compensating for almost any current losses. The main drawback – with a long trend without serious corrections, a simple expert Advisor working on the martingale strategy can completely drain the Deposit.

Martingale involves doubling the lot after each failed transaction. Theoretically, this allows you to win back any losses, but requires a large Deposit and a small initial trading lot.

How to choose an expert Advisor for martingale

If you need a secure expert Advisor, consider the following parameters:

  • Availability of a clear description of the trading strategy;
  • There must be an option to limit the loss;
  • It should be possible to trade in both directions;
  • Limit the number of orders.

When using martingale – based expert Advisor, it is desirable to trade only on the trend determined on the higher timeframes. Some experts can work with opposite orders, opening locking positions during drawdown or corrections, this is a very useful feature.

Be sure to study the strategy of the selected expert Advisor. Some of the simplest robots use the usual stochastic or other popular indicators, others have more complex algorithms. Sometimes traders ask how to add martingale to the EA they like. To do this, you need to be able to program, so it is much easier to find a ready-made expert Advisor.

It is difficult to name the best expert Advisor for martingale, one of the most famous is Cheburashka. The entry point when working with it is chosen by the trader, then the EA works automatically. Strategy: as soon as you get a profit equal to the initial Deposit, withdraw the amount you invested and then trade already earned funds. In the future, do not forget to regularly withdraw at least half of the profits.

Market Sentiment Expert Advisor

This EA works on the martingale principle – that is, when a loss appears, it opens new orders with an increased lot to win back the loss when the price reverses. This approach in itself is quite dangerous, as on a long trend can lead to the loss of the Deposit. However, the algorithms of this expert Advisor distinguish it from a large list of other experts of this kind.

Forex Professional Advisor

Forex traders will not lie that advisors based on the martingale principle are among the most profitable, however, and risky, but with a skillful approach, all risks can be minimized. Good returns at moderate risk give Advisor forex professional reviews, which makes even beginners to think about how to trust him. For those who are not familiar with the principle of martingale, just a few words to explain its meaning.

Ilan 7 Advisor

Ilan advisors are one of the most popular, as they show quite good results. However, The Ilan 7 expert Advisor that appeared on the network probably does not belong to the Ilan family and just borrowed a popular name. This can be judged according to his preferences – they’re not like all the advisors series Ilan. That is why it should not be confused with Ilan Dynamic 7, it is a completely different program. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to find out what this EA is and what results it can show.

Ilan 1.6 dynamic Advisor

Advisor ilan 1.6 dynamic is one of the most well-known automatic systems for trading in Forex. The basis of the EA has a well-known principle of the martingale, assuming the lot is increased exponentially with the appearance of loss. The algorithm is as follows: an order is placed, according to the settings, the level of profit (Take Profit, TP) is set. If the rate went in the right direction, the order is closed with a profit on Take Profit.

Multi-currency expert Advisor GEPARD

The use of trading advisors is widely practiced in the Forex market. Against the background of a large number of trading advisors offered on the market, it should be noted Gepard EA, released in the updated version 5.0. The new version of Gepard has improved the shortcomings of the previous version, which, according to its developers, allows you to get more stable results in trading.

Forex expert Advisor Ilan is the best solution for professional traders

It is difficult to imagine a modern professional trader who does not use the help of special expert advisors. Today, they invented a great many, each has its own characteristics, used for a specific trading strategy. One of the most common is the Ilan expert Advisor.

It is based on a special algorithm of “break-even” trading, based not on the maximum accuracy of determining the price trend, but on actions in case of incorrect forecast. Thanks to this EA ILAN allows you to stay in the win, regardless of the direction of the chart after the transaction. Do not forget that this trading Advisor is known among traders since 2008. What is surprising-it is used today,and very successfully.