Safe EA EuroKey

Safe EA EuroKey

The EA will appeal to those who prefer profitable trading with conservative risks. EURUSD EA will provide you with a stable growth of your trading account with minimal risk of drawdown. You can download the safe expert Advisor EURUSD “EuroKey” at the end of this article, and you can get acquainted with the results of its testing and operating rules directly in this article.

How does the conservative EuroKey EA

So, the basic principles of EuroKey are to trade only in the direction of the trend using a fixed SL, which refers it to the category of conservative Forex experts.

To analyze the market, the safe Forex expert Advisor EuroKey uses the moving Average trend indicator and the RSI and CCI oscillators. Enters the market after the price comes out of the correction and enters into transactions, the size of the take profit in which always exceeds the size of the stop loss. Demonstrating conservative approaches to work, safe EA EuroKey shows quite profitable trading with low drawdown.

EA EuroKey test results

So, the EURUSD EA was tested on the history period from 01.01.2010 to 23.12.2016 with a Deposit of 500 and a fixed lot of 0.1. As a result of the test, the conservative expert Advisor EURUSD dispersed the initial investment to 3550 USD and did it with a maximum drawdown of 9.41%:

However, the test was conducted with a fixed lot, which, unfortunately, is provided in this expert Advisor as the only option for money management (there is no Autolot). If, as the trading account grows, the lot size is increased proportionally, this robot is able to earn at least 10 times more!! And, mind you, using conservative trading, tight stop loss and low drawdown trading account!

Thus, the results of the tests of this expert Advisor shows a huge potential that can be used by any trader to increase the volume of his capital with small risks.

Use conservative adviser EuroKey

Asset for trading – EURUSD
Timeframe for trading – H1
Minimum Deposit – from 100 USD
The minimum lot size to 0.02 for each USD 100 on Deposit
Brokers for trading – STP/NDD brokers

Installation and use

Safe Forex expert Advisor is very easy to operate. All you need to do after installing it is to manually place a trading lot. Above we noted that the optimal value of the lot for EA EuroKey is 0.02 for each 100 USD.

The rest of the EA settings are hidden inside the code and do not require manual adjustment, which makes this robot very easy to operate.


Also, the EURUSD uses the function of the control spread, which forbids him to trade when the market EURUSD spread is above 3.0 points. If you are trading with an ECN broker, this feature can be kept enabled. Otherwise, it’s better to turn it off.