NIKITA v1 Forex Robot (EA)

Trend EA NIKITA v1 – universal trend forex robot, including a variety of parameters for precise add-ons.

Develop for work in any market in any conditions. Works on any currency pair on any timeframe. Can be optimized on any time interval with profitable settings.

It is based on 7 indicators for entering the market and 3 filters.

3 trend forex filters: Moving Average, MACD and RSI. Standard best indicators in MT4. Can be turned on or off together with the incoming points in the market.
7 points in the market can also be turned on or off. Each of them can be tested separately. These modes make FX Advisor NIKITA versatile and gives a lot of opportunities for experimentation.

Signals for input:

  1. FS30_Platinum_2016 1 (Need a license for your account)
  2. FS30_Platinum_2016 2
  3. CandleSizeAlert
  4. EMA_Cross
  5. FS30_2014
  6. trendMajor
  7. trendTrand


  1. MACD
  2. MA
  3. RSI

All indicators have MTF settings for the multi-timeframe! Each indicator can be used or not used. This gives a lot of opportunities to find profitable settings.

Screenshots of indicators

(For example, what tools are used by EA trading robot Nikita.)

FX FS30_Platinum_2016 2

It can show the best profitable results on H1-H4, as well as below M5-M15, but you need to optimize the internal parameters of the indicator.


FX CandleSizeAlert

One of the most optimized indicators (in my opinion) for forex EA. Many profitable options can be obtained without using MT4 filters.


FX EMA_Cross

This is an easy way to get a signal to enter the forex market. I recommend using it in conjunction with MT4 filters. The intersection of 2 moving averages.


FX FS30_2014

This is a complex indicator for the MT4 terminal, I recommend using it on short intervals with the H1-MN timeframe.


FX trendMajor & trendTrand

This is a good trend indicator. You can also find a lot of profitable settings in any market and chart. Trading EA robot on these signals will give a very stable result for a long time.


MT4 MACD (For example, the robot uses the standard MT4 indicator)


MT4 MA (For example, the robot uses the standard MT4 indicator)


MT4 RSI (For example, the robot uses the standard MT4 indicator)


Forex EA Robot NIKITA v1 settings:

Profitable EA MT4 Optimization example:

On this chart, you can see that the FX EA Advisor does a different number of orders, but mostly there are few of them. With any market volatility, trend filters will help, which will eliminate unprofitable orders.

Optimization on real quotes Forex XM, pair AUDUSD M5, 100 options with a start deposit 5$. Various settings, on and off filters, input indicator Size Candles with different values. Period of one month is 2018.08.08-2018.09.08.

Article: Automated Forex Trading and EA

These days thousands people are earning money utilizing internet. There’re a lot of ways making a fortune there, and foreign exchange market’s most beneficial of them. Those people who have started using forex not so long ago have no doubt that they will be able earning a huge sum of money without any help. Nevertheless, their incomes’re less than they expect. However, professional traders’ve recognized most profitable way to succeed and this is Expert Advisor also known as EA Fx markets. Article is about best forex ea and how they work.

EA Forex: How it works

FX EA’s intended for automated transactions which are conducted on market. This system works using specified algorithms which depend on particular aim users’re eager maintaining. This ea robot can work in two formats which are demonstrated below.

  • Traders receive several notifications before making deals, users decides that doing next;
  • EA advisor can work without help. Single robot can complete all tasks not alerting sellers about any deals it makes.

Reason why one should start using EA trading lies in fact that systems aren’t vulnerable to psychological effects. Accordingly, appliance trades looking at profitability of the particular deal and doesn’t think about mental issues.

What is the most amazing trend trading forex

Lots professional traders on forex have already understood power of these absolutely automated advisors. Therefore, there are so many of them nowadays. However, it’s essential to choose most beneficial option for members because all these useful programs’re quite expensive, but sometimes even most high-priced ones cannot help earning anything. While looking for robots you need thinking about these significant aspects:

  • Your personal strategy. Caller needs developing your personal way working on platforms. If you’ve never traded on Forex ea before, somebody can find one on internet because there’re hundreds experienced professionals who share their strategies with other users;
  • The particular advisor should not belong to particular brokers. If you buy such robot ea, you need knowing that a half sum goes to another person;
  • How other traders speak about particular seller. Human must go through at least dozen reviews about person who sells guests expert advisors. If there’re more negative feedbacks, purchaser need thinking if this product’s profitable. However, someone also must reflect if there’re only advantages because reviews can be fake.

Smartest robot for an applicant can be chosen only when buyers talk with person who sells these items. Ask him to show the results for one EA mt4 software in last few months. Only those users who do not hide anything about their product will share this essential information with patrons. Inventors will not only send consumers screenshots but also give links to services where the program’s tested.

Additionally, greatest robots should not have too much income. However, if they have, it means that these computer apps’re too aggressive during tradings and they break rules managing the capital.

It’s also known that best mt4 ea mechanisms are sold right through developers because only these people’re aware of every aspect in their program. Consequently, these individuals won’t just tell customers how it works but also show the entire process.

To sum up, it isn’t easy finding robots which will help you making a fortune at once. Before starting using framework you need testing it using several special applications. They will show if forex profitable ea will be able getting useful. Moreover, that’s significant remembering this way for earning money is hazardous even if one has automated his trading and even marvelous machines on forex can work against you.