Description forex expert Nikita V1

Trend Forex Robot Nikita v1

Robot based on work with trend. The only correct solution is use of such systems. They make it possible to trade at any time, even after many years of work. It can adjust to the time per minute, and can work on monthly charts. With this forex robot traders themselves decide what strategy to use in their work, it is very important from the point of view of psychology.

Builder on MQL4

Mt4 Ea building on the idea of three screens Elder, but with big changes. 3 elder screens are usually manual trading based on filter oscillators and incoming point. Entry points mostly candlestick patterns. Hands need to open 3 charts (usually 2 charts with oscillators on a high timeframe and 1 chart to enter the market). But in mt4 ea I added points in the form of trend indicators, arrows. In my opinion it turned out even better. There is no best EA for mt4 with such an elder system. The Builder of the automatic program on three screens can activate or disable any of the filters or indicators.

Advisors on RSI indicator

One of the expert adviser’s filters is RSI. The relative strength index, created by J. Welles Wilder, is an oscillator of momentum that measures the speed and change of price movements. Forex advisors use it to screen out false signals.

In expert – RSI has two levels (upper and lower). To whom it is convenient, you can call an overbought and oversold zone. The default is 55 and 45 respectively. Also, there are all other settings in Forex Expert Advisor for optimization. Time-frame, fast average period, used price 7 options: close, open, high, low, median, typical, weighted.

Trading on indicator MACD

MACD is a classic trend oscillator that is used in EA forex signal filter. The full name method of convergence-divergence of moving averages.
EA trading can turn it on or off. Open parameters in Forex EA regarding MACD: MTF, fast average period, slow average period, signal line period, price used.

Trading Online Bots on MA indicator

Another filter bot is moving average (MA). A trend indicator is one of the most basic and common classical indicators in technical analysis. Even in forex trading bot, Ma gives best results for screening out false and incorrect orders. As usual use online in metatrader4.
Parameters in list of variables: TF MA, averaging method, used price, enable/disable.

Trading on Moving Average

Recommendations for proper use of MA filter in forex robots. These tips will give a more accurate entry into market, show the best trade and of course profit.
It is better to set for a long time 1 hour or more. Gives an advantage in long-term orders and an exit to a take profit without waiting for breakeven, since the forecast of the trend duration is visible in the future.
It is good to use it with MACD at a low time, which in turn cuts off the stronger noises on the market.

Trading Two Moving Averages

Basically, moving averages are used to reduce unwanted noise in times series so that markets behavior underlying the pricing process becomes clearer and more visible, more clearly expressed. They provide data smoothing.

As a smoothing method, moving average is a specific low-pass filter, skipping low-frequency activity and suppressing high-frequency, fast-varying processes.

Reliable entrances to trend, even with a delay, are considered more reliable and profitable than attempts to predict reversals.

One simplest models is based on intersection of moving averages – a trader buys when prices rise above the moving average and sells when prices fall below it.

Best Trading Metatrader Settings

  • Magic number – a unique identifier on a particular screen. Enables orders by open ID only.
  • Fixed lot – fixed lot volume.
  • Profit points – a fixed amount of profit take profit. In pips. 0.00010 = point. 0.00001 = pips.
  • 2 stop-loss options – 1: minimum / maximum price of the current day + current spread. 2: minimum / maximum price of the current day + spread + your value (in pips).
  • Your value – is to add 2 options stoploss.
  • Breakeven level – is to reach path of how many pips to set the stoploss to 0 (opening price).
  • Breakeven pitch – how many pips to pass after opening price.
  • Slippage – do not open a trade if prices has passed the entry point in pips.
  • Only 1 open order – true: waiting each order to close. false: opens each signal.

Fixed Lot

All positions are opened with a certain constant number of lots (volume), determined in advance (i.e., example, 0.1, or 1, or 2.5, 10, 1000, etc. lots – regardless outcome previous trade, current deposit amount and other current trade figures).

A simple and easy-to-use system, devoid of such powerful “gains” of changes in size depot, both in direction of reducing depot, and its growth; as deposit increases, risk gradually decreases.

“Fixed lot” is a simple and convenient money management tactic, which is perhaps best (against the absence of any) option for a novice trader, when trading tactics are only being formed and question is not about a stable and most efficient capital gain, but rather about not losing.

MT4 Expert Advisor Take-Profit

Exiting a trade is often more important than entering. We all constantly hear that it is impossible to trade without stops, but at the same time taking profits – too little attention is paid to Take Profit order.

Take Profit is a pending order to close a position after price has reached a certain level. It is set in order not to miss a profit, even if the asset price “hooked” target level only for a second. Take Profit allows you to systematize trade and does not give emotions (greed and hope that the price will continue to go in the right direction) to prevent trader from taking the intended profit.

Nikita is not so much a program for automatic installation of take profit and stop loss, as a whole set of useful management tools.

Stop-Loss in Bot

Stop loss – limits your estimated losses in the future. As a rule, this order is placed in order to limit your pre-calculated losses to a specific amount of money that you are willing to lose in case of a negative development of events. Due to this, you limit your losses, not allowing them to become even more, which will lead to a complete loss of money.

Setting stops to the minimum or maximum (depending on the purchase or sale) current day. Smart system in otlie from fixed stop loss. If price follows a strong trend, then a lower limit is unlikely to be broken.

Trading with Breakeven Level

Breakeven – transfer in the open trade of StopLoss order to levels of the opening price, after prices passes a certain number of points in the right direction.

To limit potential losses when opening a position, traders places a StopLoss order. If the situation on currency pair is assessed and analyzed correctly and after the position is opened, the price moves in the right direction, traders can avoid losses if price turns in opposite direction.
If the price, without reaching level of take profit, for some reason, unfolds, the position will be closed at the opening price, or closed at breakeven, saving the trader from losing money.

Especially for extended work with automatic transfer of stop-losses positions was created function in  bot.

Forex Trade Bot Slippage

Every trader inevitably faces slippage, regardless of whether he trades stocks, futures or cryptocurrencies. Slippage is a situation where when you enter or exit a trade you do not receive the price you expected.

Slippage occurs when a trader uses market orders. This is one of the types of orders used to enter and exit trades. Slippage exist obtained both at entrance and at the exit.

A market order guarantees a transaction, but there is a possibility that slippage will occur and the trader will receive a price worse than expected.
You can limit it using the parameter in bot.

Multi-timeframe Trade Bot Expert System

The concept of multi-timeframes is familiar to traders of any professional level, including the initial one, but, unfortunately, in the process of active trading, many people forget about this key method of market analysis.

The reason for this is that most traders specializing in day traders, impulse traders, breakthrough traders, as well as adherents of a number of other styles, in the pursuit of profit, often stop paying attention to the main trend. As a result, support and resistance lines fall out of their field of vision, clear levels of placing Stop Loss orders, and successful entry points to the market are missing.

Experienced traders actively practicing multi-timeframe analysis, in most cases use three different time intervals for this. 3 Filters in FX Bot automate process.

Work tips:

Robot Nikita v1 – Trend Currency Pairs

Choose volatile trend currency instruments/pairs. Example: AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, GBPCHF, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF.
Watch distance of the trend movement, adjust the pips in open parameters, in each pair your individual movement must be taken into account.
Of course, those who deal with large timeframes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can easily select several current trend currency pairs. They will check them, at least once every day, in order to find out when the trade installation was created, and this time they have to be at the beginning of a new trend, during its formation.

Choose parameters to optimize profit and loss depending on the currency pair, as well as the price of a pip on your broker. Everyone has different volatility, one pair passes 30 points a day, another pair 100 points.

Know the minimum stop loss and take profit setting your broker. Perhaps you need to set a minimum of 100 pips (10 points) to avoid order modernization errors.

You can use and optimize with any leverage and deposit you need. With any type of account.

I recommend setting the period in the strategy tester m5-m15 (this does not apply to the settings robot itself). In program, you need to use different timeframe options for each indicator.

It is not necessary to include all indicators at same time, even for optimization. You can choose different combinations: 1-2-3 filters + 1 indicator or without filters separately each indicator.

I recommend always setting the loss mode to the second mode + setting an additional stop loss indent. Since in the first mode, it may not be enough for the minimum value of the broker.

Better to put on mode to wait for the closing of the transaction. To open only one order. Limit the risks of false or repeated signals.

Nikita v1 – Software long term orders

The project called “NIKITA V1” is formed as an automatic robot for stock and fx trading. Not bad results shows on long-term operations. Since the utility is trendy, long-term charts have an advantage. Example, take the base point Candle Size. Put on the window scheme the parameters above 20-30 points with M5-M15, well, to complement oscillator of time interval H4-D1. Get a picture of decent deal pips.

MT4 Nikita v1 – Test Advisors on Strategy Tester

Before working, expert advisor mt4 need to test well. Strategy Tester provides an excellent opportunity to optimize for different trading conditions. You can see how many settings the system gives. Small profits, big profits, lots/few deals. For every taste and type of person parameters are adjusted. Other tests on the performance page. Order a fresh demonstration of the current year, month.

Profit Automated Trading Software

The section site with free download, suggests a version of the viewing and review program. Do you have a unique trading service? Group of social networks? Take a review. Indefinite use, creation of monitoring, discussion on forums, criticism. The best way to ensure profit is automated EA. Go to the page and contact.
The best conditions of surveyors or professional traders.

Auto Trading Robot Nikita v1 – Forex Make Money

Auto robots do not always come from a basket of golden eggs. Today, such technologies are in development when it is necessary to connect the head with a knack. What is meant. Knowledge in the field of MQL4 software with its terminal, full functions, is way to success. Auto trading + ability to click where you want = Making Money… Niki bot is not an automatic earnings, this is the way to make money.

Article: Automated Forex Trading and EA

These days thousands people are earning money utilizing internet. There’re a lot of ways making a fortune there, and foreign exchange market’s most beneficial of them. Those people who have started using not so long ago have no doubt that they will be able earning a huge sum of money without any help. Nevertheless, their incomes’re less than they expect. However, professional traders’ve recognized most profitable way to succeed and this is Expert Advisor also known as EA Fx markets. Article is about best forex ea and how they work.

EA: How it works

FX EA’s intended for automated transactions which are conducted on market. System works using specified algorithms which depend on particular aim users’re eager maintaining. This ea robot can work in two formats which are demonstrated below.

  • Traders receive several notifications before making deals, users decides that doing next;
  • EA advisor can work without help. Single robot can complete all tasks not alerting sellers about any deals it makes.

Reason why one should start using EA trading lies in fact that systems aren’t vulnerable to psychological effects. Accordingly, appliance trades looking at profitability of the particular deal and doesn’t think about mental issues.

What is the most amazing trend trading forex

Lots professional traders have already understood power of these absolutely automated advisors. Therefore, there are so many of them nowadays. However, it’s essential to choose most beneficial option for members because all these useful programs’re quite expensive, but sometimes even most high-priced ones cannot help earning anything. While looking for robots you need thinking about these significant aspects:

  • Your personal strategy. Caller needs developing your personal way working on platforms. If you’ve never traded on Forex ea, somebody can find one on internet because there’re hundreds experienced professionals who share their strategies with other users;
  • The particular advisor should not belong to particular brokers. If you buy such robot ea, you need knowing that a half sum goes to another person;
  • How other traders speak about particular seller. Human must go through at least dozen reviews about person who sells guests expert advisors. If there’re more negative feedbacks, purchaser need thinking if this product’s profitable. However, someone also must reflect if there’re only advantages because reviews can be fake.

Smartest bot for an applicant can be chosen only when buyers talk with person who sells these items. Ask him to show the results for one EA mt4 software in last few months. Only those users who do not hide anything about their product will share this essential information with patrons. Inventors will not only send consumers screenshots but also give links to services where the program’s tested.

Additionally, greatest robots should not have too much income. However, if they have, it means that these computer apps’re too aggressive during tradings and they break rules managing the capital.

It’s also known that best mt4 ea mechanisms are sold right through developers because only these people’re aware of every aspect in their program. Consequently, these individuals won’t just tell customers how it works but also show the entire process.

To sum up, it isn’t easy finding bots which will help you making a fortune at once. Before starting using you need testing it using several special applications. They will show if profitable ea will be able getting useful. Moreover, that’s significant remembering such way for earning money is hazardous even if one has automated his trading and even marvelous machines on forex can work against you.

Trading System Nikita v1 – Auto Software and Strategies

Investing in foreign exchange market opens up opportunities for profit. However, this requires a professional approach and certain knowledge. Many beginners and experienced traders are trying to simplify tasks. This helps automatic trading in market.

Today, there are many utilites that promise greater profits. But to find an effective adviser that provides stable profitability as a result automated trading is rather difficult.

Focusing on statistics, first of all, it is necessary to take into account not only results transactions, but also the risk taken. A simple choice an adviser, without understanding its indicators and parameters, usually leads to undesirable consequences.