MACD sample expert Advisor

MACD sample expert Advisor

The most common and accessible to the novice trader Advisor MACD Sample is included in the usual distribution of the trading terminal MetaTrader 4 almost any dealing center. Despite the relative simplicity and” straightforwardness “of making decisions about opening positions, the MACD sample EA can bring quite a good profit, although it is ranked by the absolute majority of experts to the level of”training”. The thing in the precise configuration and selection of good characteristics, suitable current market conditions.

The main task of the EA is to track the intersection of the MACD signal band of the zero level of the indicator. When a breakout is fixed, a long position opens up. When breaking down-brief. Practically, Advisor macd sample takes the following events:

In other words, the main trading signal used by the MACD sample EA is the intersection of the “0” level and the signal band. With all this, the take profit order is placed at a distance of 50 PT from the entry price, but depending on the volatility of a particular currency pair, you can simply change this value.

The main drawbacks of this automated trading system include the lack of the ability to automatically install decrees to limit damages. In case of positive dynamics of trade stop loss is set to breakeven with the terminal trailing-stop, but when you run a mercenary decree in automatic mode Advisor macd sample not sets of stop-loss.

Initially, the adviser was created to trade on the pair GBP/USD, but after a little configuration, it is possible to adapt for use with almost any sort of device Forex. Here is the options window:

The MATrendPeriod parameter has the greatest value as the main source of trading signals. It sets the period of the moving average, which in turn describes the moments when the signal line crosses the zero mark. If the MACD sample EA is installed on the quote chart, this does not imply automatic installation of the MACD indicator, but in order to implement the control and selection of the necessary characteristics, you can attach this indicator to the chart and set the necessary characteristics.

To take into account the volatility of a particular device and maximize profits, it is necessary to set the best value of the TakeProfit and TrailingStop characteristics by an experienced route, so that the subsequent trend reversal begins after the profitable position is closed by the Take Profit order, but the probable rollbacks do not reduce the number of PT earned due to the exit from trading on the stop-loss order transferred to the breakeven area by the traling stop mechanism.

After testing and selecting all the necessary values, the MACD sample EA can fully trade successfully in the automatic mode, bringing you a good, by the standards of the most difficult non-constantly gratuitous trading systems.