Is a win-win strategy in the Forex market a reality or a myth

Is a win-win strategy in the Forex market a reality or a myth?

For many investors, the question is still relevant, is there a win-win Forex strategy without the risk of losing the Deposit? Any Forex strategy requires a certain experience and complete dedication. There is no universal win-win trading system, but there are notable techniques that deserve attention. It is worth looking into the ranking of the best strategies to see a huge selection of options. This can be a super profitable manual strategy or a fully automated technique. Often offered win-win Forex indicators-some can be downloaded for free, others will have to pay. A good rating will allow the trader to find some great techniques.

Day trading system

Forex trading strategies on daily charts represent the principles of long-term trading. So traders do not take immediate and sometimes hasty decisions, and good all weighed. There is no need to spend about schedules day and night, it is enough to pay one hour a day. It is only the presence of a win – win system on the daily charts-the rating of strategies in the Forex market is quite large. Most of the combinations on the daily charts showed themselves well on the D1 chart. It is necessary to describe a decent technique. Weighted Taylor-like win-win Forex strategy requires the use of moving average lines. This method requires three indicators on daily charts. It is a WMA, MACD and RSI. The latter give signals to enter the trade, and WMA includes several moving average lines. It is necessary to set the levels correctly on the indicators:

If a rectangular shape appears on RSI, the market situation is unstable. In this situation, it is not recommended to enter into transactions. But when the line goes beyond the red border, you can buy an order. MACD allows you to successfully enter the market. If the histogram is red, it is undesirable to open positions. When the upper red line is broken, a long position is opened, the lower one – a position for implementation. On the day trading, there are still many excellent win-win strategies.

It is because of the advantages of daily strategies in terms of a sufficient amount of time they are preferred by many traders.

Moving averages – an effective bidding

The latest win-win trading strategy involves the use of moving averages. Many of the best Forex strategies are based on moving average lines. To such win-win strategies will be useful effective advisors, built on the principle of crossing the moving average lines. The method of breakdown of the moving average-to work on Forex requires only one indicator EMA. Period and shift are set to three, then you need to enable the use of Close. Work better with the currency pair Euro / dollar. It is desirable to enter into transactions through pending orders. The use of moving averages requires compliance with simple rules:

  • When a bullish candle closes above the line, a purchase is made. Buy Stop and stop loss (low point) are placed on the signal candle (high point);
  • When a bearish candle closes below the line, a sell is made. Buy Stop – low point, stop loss – High.

Take profit is not set, and the output is through a trailing stop. At the end of closing the candle position goes into profit, so you need to move the stop loss to breakeven. When the next candle closes, the stop loss moves to the High level – at the time of implementation, when buying to the Low level. If everything is done correctly, the position will be automatically closed in case of an unexpected trend reversal. There are expert advisors that use profitable Forex strategies on moving average lines. Such win-win Forex advisors as “4hr Trader” are based purely on technical analysis and do without questionable martingale and grid orders. Therefore, they often head the rating of advisors. You can get a win-win expert Advisor for free on many sites. Win-win expert advisors like “4hr Trader” on Forex use the following strategies:

  1. Crossing of moving averages of 89 and 4 periods;
  2. The crossing of the lines of the Stochastic indicator and ADX;
  3. The intersection of the indicator lines ADX and MACD.

Even if one win – win strategy did not meet expectations-others will cover losses.

Such advisers moving average put opposite the stop loss 123 pips and take profit of 56 pips automatically. Important note – trading advisors “4hr Trader” work on a four-hour timeframe around the clock. Therefore, the computer must be permanently connected. If this is not possible, it is recommended to use the services of the VPS server.

Strategy system for M5 and M15

In principle, profitable Forex strategies for M5 and M15 form a fairly effective and almost win-win system with a high rating. Its backbone is several techniques. Strategy 1-only a parabolic indicator combined with the moving average is needed (mA Art. 2.2.1). Default values are set for the average. When working with instruments with high volatility, slower ones are set. The input is carried out at the breakout of the Parabolic-points-the signals will shift relative to the average. Options for action:

  • When you break from top to bottom – the entrance to the purchase and holding positions until the price is above the points signals;
  • In case of a break from the bottom to the top – opening a sale and holding a position until the price is below the signal points.

On this strategy for M15 stop loss is recommended from the nearest extreme, and take profit requires from 30 points to 50 points (trailing average). Strategy 2-iVAR indicator is required. This is a kind of oscillator with a Central balance line at 0.5 level. If the indicator line is above 0.5, it is undesirable to enter into trades. Recommendations for action:

  • If the indicators of the indicator deviate from the main line closer to the upper limit – probably a long lull in the market. Any advisors will confirm this;
  • If closer to the lower limit – predisposition to the trend. The readings can be checked on M5, i.e. a shorter period.

Perhaps a really effective break-even Forex strategy for M5 and M15 will require a combined application of the described techniques, but individually they are not accurate enough. However, additional indicators and expert advisors of the whole system of signals significantly overload the trader. On the topic of combined strategies there are enough articles and video material – each player will choose the appropriate win-win method of Forex trading.

Trading by points

A win – win trading strategy of 50 or more points is a reality. The sequence of actions for the system “50 points/day” is as follows:

  • Opening a sell position on the D1 daily chart without indicators;
  • The trade is executed at the opening of 4 candles (the closing price should not exceed the closing price of the previous candle for 3 days);
  • A stop order is placed at a distance of 2 or 3 points from the highest price from the last candle;
  • Take profit is closed in two ways: in the moment of achievement (adding thirty pips) – is 50% of the transaction. The remaining 50% is transferred to breakeven. Further, exhibiting the TakeProfit (adding one hundred pips).

Forex real break-even Forex strategy “50 points” is quite popular – experienced traders and rating strategies will confirm it.


The trader can work on hourly strategies, but even if it is the best win – win profit strategy-the principle of the system is not important, you need a result. In fact, there is no win – win system in Forex-it all depends on the skill of the trader. Various advisors and training video content may be a good help, but the work of his own head has not been canceled. Yes and no true video clearly describing the process are guaranteed to win Forex trading.

If you carefully study the latest rating of Forex strategies, you will notice a variety of techniques. Additional expert advisors are also updated monthly. Classic rating and various videos clearly demonstrate the often changing win-win system of earnings on Forex. Therefore, the most profitable Forex strategy is always an open question.