Free FOREX advisors – choose YOUR own!

Free FOREX advisors – choose YOUR own!

Today, the international currency exchange Forex is gaining more and more popularity among those who want to earn money.

To start making money online, it is enough to open an account with a Forex broker and monitor the situation in the foreign exchange market – at the time of the fall in the price of currency to buy it, and sell when the currency becomes more expensive.

At first glance, this kind of earnings seems very simple, but in fact – it’s work when you need to monitor the situation in the market and continuously analyze it.

The real opportunity to make money on the international Forex market for everyone especially increases when using automated trading systems. Forex advisors are programs created specifically for the convenience of traders.

They trade in the Forex market in automatic mode. All programs can be divided into two groups: paid and free Forex advisors.

As practice shows, the adviser for the money does not mean that this is a reliable and profitable program, because the quality of the paid Advisor depends on how much effort and patience the developer – Creator has invested in it.

FREE Forex advisors-automated trading systems that allow you to carry out transactions without the participation of the trader.

They need only access to the world wide Web. To start automated trading, you need to install a profitable expert Advisor in your terminal, adjust it to the current situation on the currency market and connect to the Forex market.

The key to a brilliant trade in the international Forex market – the choice of a profitable trading strategy, free Forex advisors will do it yourself. The main thing is to study the EA settings, set the necessary program parameters.

There are several options for using the EA: the EA can be placed at the disposal of the entire Deposit, and the EA can be used as an assistant.

In any of these cases, the main advantage of free Forex advisors is that there is no need to analyze market trends, study scripts, charts and various formulas, monitor the main flow of information from the world markets.

In addition, it automates not only the direct implementation of the trading strategy, but also the entire process as a whole, that is, the implementation of all trading operations.

Free Forex advisors are:

  • instantaneous speed, that is, the program is able to perform complex calculations in seconds and make decisions instantly;
  • simultaneous work with different currency pairs;
  • ultra-precise data calculation;
  • smooth operation during the day and seven days a week;

And, perhaps, the main advantage is the lack of emotions, nerves and hasty rash decisions.

Trading Advisor will always act on the logic that is incorporated in the settings of the program. All actions of the expert Advisor are based on a given algorithm, which is clearly built and executed sequentially.

List of free Forex expert advisors:

A selection of the best to date new free Forex advisors this year, according to users.

Scalping Advisor PipJet 2012 – new 2012 from the famous Forex Megadroid campaign. The EA works with the USDCAD currency pair. Scalping strategy.

Advisor ReticoloFX Ring & Basket – robot uses the strategy of cross pairs, as well as the basket strategy. Due to this, the EA is able to reduce possible risks to almost zero. If, for any pair will be unprofitable, then the transaction is compensated by the profit on other pair.

The Aladdin 6 FX Gold EA is another updated version of the Aladdin 6 FX Gold EA. This EA is several times more stable and profitable. It has a built-in logic system, which tracks false signals.

Advisor MTS-MC FULL 2012 – in this system 6 built-in trading tactics.

Advisor 2012 Collector Forex Arbitrage – minimum risk for the trader, the drawdown of not more than one percent.

In General, today the world wide web offers a choice of hundreds of versions and options of free Forex advisors, on the websites of large brokerage companies there are many ratings of advisors.

Therefore, before giving preference to a free expert Advisor, it is necessary to get acquainted with the history of its transactions, read reviews, conduct a test on a demo account, carefully study all the settings of the expert Advisor.

Just do not forget that the international Forex market can be non-standard, unforeseen situations in which even the most unique and modern automated system can not make the right choice.

Artificially programmed intelligence, unlike humans, can not analyze, reason, make decisions that are not related to the underlying logical pattern.