Four expert advisors for Forex trading

Four expert advisors for Forex trading

Many believe that it is impossible to make money on autopilot in the foreign exchange market. Since free programs for automatic trading do not bring any benefit. And advisers who can really give the result are very expensive. But in reality it is not. Now I will prove it by the example of 4 free expert advisors presented in the company Markets.

ILAN 2.0

The famous expert Advisor that has made a lot of noise in the trading communities since its first version. Due to the fact that martingale was used to manage capital, which, together with aggressive indicator settings, brought huge profits to some traders, and drained the Deposit to others.

Now everyone is using the second, more advanced version. It also uses martingale for money management, which gives certain risks and requires an increased Deposit size – from $10,000. But indicators have a more flattened configuration. Due to this, ILAN 2.0 does not allow such drawdowns as the first version. Due to what eventually makes a profit.

The EA is based on two oscillators: stochastic and RSI. According to the algorithm, the EA opens trades with the following indicators:

Buying the indicator the RSI comes out of oversold, and the CCI is below the horizontal level.

Sell-CCI is above the horizontal level and RSI is out of the overbought zone.

All transactions are carried out on five-minute charts in Metatrader 4, on the most volatile pairs: Euro/dollar, pound/dollar and others. You can also trade on the charts: M15, M30 and H1.

Such short periods provide a large number of signals, which allows the EA to fully work out all the possibilities.

The chart below shows how the expert Advisor for six months, with small drawdowns, confidently displays the account in plus. The profit was 22.92% for 6 months.

If we consider in more detail the results of ILAN 2.0 tests, we can see that the EA makes more losing trades than positive ones. But due to the fact that the profit on positive trades is on average one and a half times more than on negative trades, the EA generally makes a profit.


Record holder with 4639% for six months

Conservative councillor who almost breaks the stereotypes. Because despite the lack of a martingale and a low risk profile, it shows the largest income.

Advisor Nostradamus-it’s really high-yield robot, which surprised me greatly. Works with Metatrader4 that uses it to trade the timeframe of 1 H, on only one currency pair EUR/USD with the minimum lot 0.07. And with such indicators, the adviser shows a yield of 4639% for 6 months, and the maximum drawdown was only 31.15%.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that the Nostradamus EA trades using a scalping strategy. At the same time, there are no indicators in it. Trades are opened and closed only by mathematical calculation.

Naturally, you can not immediately close all transactions in profit. Despite the fact that the expert Advisor scalping and takes a small movement in a few paragraphs. Therefore, nostradamus uses a position locking algorithm after one of the two open trades is closed in a plus. As a result of this calculated approach, the EA shows the following results:

The minimum Deposit is only $500, but for the best trading it is recommended to have a Deposit of $2000. Since the EA settings can be set to automatically calculate the trading lot and work without restrictions on the maximum volume. Then the robot will independently increase the lot as the profit grows and will be able to bring even more profit.


On the price chart of any asset, the price is almost always trending. That is, it goes up or down, so that traders can earn. But in fact, most of the time the market is in a sideways movement. Smart traders know this and earn at this time no less than on strong bullish or bearish trends. Some do it on their own, and some use BADX V1 to do it.

The EA works on a 15-minute timeframe for NZD/USD . At the same time, it opens trades based on the signals of two indicators: Bollinger Bands and ADX. Stop loss and take profit orders are used to close trades.

Recommended and the same minimum Deposit for BADX V1 is $1000. This amount is necessary to withstand drawdowns that occur when trading this EA. Basically, they are small, but the maximum drawdown during the six-month tests reached 42.69% percent.

This is quite a lot, but the risk justifies itself. Since the result of testing-Deposit growth by 26%. This indicator is a good result for automatic robots.


According to the authors, the EA was developed by professional traders and experienced programmers. Therefore, it works well in a protracted flat and trend movements. Whether this is true or not, but with trend movements due to the absence of martingale, averaging and the like, CrossPoint really shows itself well.

Also, due to the absence of popular risky components, the minimum and recommended Deposit for working with this EA is $2000. The only risky element is leverage, the minimum size of which is 1:500 or higher.

The rest of the EA works in a fairly conservative conditions:

Working timeframe H1 allows you to avoid unnecessary false signals, which are certainly present on lower timeframes.

The paper uses two classical indicators: SAR and CCI.

The EA opens no more than 3 trades at the same time.

The work is carried out only on one currency pair – USD/CAD .

It is not surprising that in such conservative conditions, the maximum drawdown of the EA on the history shows no more than 7.79%, and the yield for six months was 26.5%.

Should I use free expert advisors?

As you can see from the screenshots of profitability above, each indicator makes a profit. Of course, each of them has drawdowns, but this is not surprising. Since it is impossible to get only profit in the market. Therefore, it is important that the profitable trades or the total profit on the trades is greater than the loss.

The presented indicators fully cope with this task. So they can and should be used. Moreover, using these indicators, you can make a profit on full autopilot.