Forex robot: earnings

Forex robot: earnings

An objective analysis of information is what helps to really look at things, in particular, currency trading, which usually promises great profits and a comfortable life. Forex trading robots are part of the enrichment process, so should be considered especially carefully. Here are some real facts that objectively describe working with a trading expert Advisor.

  1. More free time. Trusting your account to the bot, you release a lot of minutes and hours for other, no less important things! This is a significant advantage of using such programs over other methods, as there is some freedom in the formation of the daily schedule of work and rest.
  2. Stable income. Since the EA operates according to a clearly defined algorithm, it practically does not make mistakes. In addition, the robot is not subject to feelings and doubts – it just acts in accordance with the available indicators. This ensures stability in ongoing operations, even if losses slip through.
  3. Reduced risks that are achieved, including due to stability.
  4. Individual settings. Earning on Forex with a robot becomes a more approximate goal when you can adjust the options for your own needs.
  5. No trading expert Advisor can perform fundamental analysis, so earning on Forex robot depends on whether you can take into account the changing global economic factors in time. Drastic changes in this area can contribute to the failure of the best EA forex.

What you should not believe, studying the descriptions of Forex experts

Unfortunately, when you get acquainted with the features of a particular Forex robot, you may encounter descriptions where earnings will be considered with a one hundred percent guarantee. Such promises can not be called objective, just as true, as any, even a very good expert can fail! Do not trust the assurances of non-professional authors that it is their Advisor will achieve wealth in a few months or even days. In such matters, it is necessary to remain realistic and ask yourself: if everything is so perfect, why does the author himself not earn in this way, but only sells his “superprograms”?

Another point that is hard to call true is that good Forex trading robots can only be expensive. Contrary to this statement, I must say that among the free expert advisors there are many worthy options. If you doubt it, test the ones provided by the broker!

Automatic computer program called Forex robot earnings through which is conducted remotely, can significantly optimize the process of trading in the Forex market. This program does not provide for its direct participation in the opening and closing of transactions, it operates independently according to a predetermined algorithm. That is, the whole process of trading is automated and can be carried out without the presence of a trader.

The main advantages of using trading robots include:

  1. Significant savings in time, effort and nerves of the trader. He simply set up the purchased program and you can go about their business. While the robot is trading, the trader has the opportunity to implement new projects, work, relax and spend time with his family. The resources of such assistants are unlimited. They unlike the trader can trade without interruption 24 hours a day.
  2. Protection from rash actions caused by emotional factors. Of course, Forex trading exposes traders to emotional stress and serious shocks. Therefore, sometimes in a fit of excitement or panic, they can make a series of rash actions that will eventually lead to the loss of the entire Deposit. It is quite another Forex trading robot. The computer program operates strictly according to the specified settings and the loss of funds is possible only with the wrong strategy or sudden changes in market trends.
  3. Efficiency, speed and accuracy of all actions performed by the robot. The computer program is able to process and analyze a huge amount of information every second, as well as simultaneously carry out many transactions. Therefore, with Forex robot you can earn much more and faster.
  4. The ability to modify and improve the software according to personal requirements. Thus, by writing a simple code you can get a number of additional functions that will greatly simplify trading.

The negative aspects of the use of trading robots include:

  1. Lack of ability to make decisions in non-standard situations. The program operates on a predetermined algorithm, which was formed in certain conditions, when the situation on the market dramatically changes the robot can not react and change its strategy. This situation often leads to large financial losses of the trader.
  2. The need for continuous monitoring of the program in order to prevent failures and financial losses caused by changes in the market.
  3. Long-term use of trading robots can lead to loss of trader’s trading skills. Because the market participant has no opportunity to exercise their skills daily to analyze and track new market trends he will be difficult to return to the personal involvement in the trade.
  4. The high cost of a quality robot. Writing such programs requires the involvement of qualified professionals who evaluate their work is extremely expensive.

To date, a huge number of programs have been developed that are able to automate trading. Consider the main types of them:

  1. Trend, which work according to the direction of prices in the market.
  2. Scalping open immediately a large number of small transactions.
  3. Universal, which can produce work on any given strategy.
  4. Robots working on the basis of neural networks. Such programs have the ability to analyse previous experiences and to accept it on the basis of some decisions.

In addition, there are robots that implement various strategies of money management, namely:

  1. Programs that work in parallel in different directions.
  2. Programs that work on the principle of martingale, which provides for the opening of a double transaction if the previous one was unprofitable.
  3. Standard programs provide for normal activities based on placing an order in the amount of a certain percentage of the Deposit.

Automated Forex programs the best robot for trading activities

Today, the Forex market has a huge number of different programs that can not only automate the trading process, but also to analyze and work on a clearly defined strategy. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose the best Forex robot.

Consider the most popular programs among traders:

  1. MACD SAMPLE works with GBP/USD currency pair based on the MetaTrader platform. It has a complete set of stop loss, which allows you to significantly minimize losses. For high-quality work, ensuring break-even trade requires constant activity of the program.
  2. Adjustable MA 3G also has a built-in stop loss set at 100 points. It uses the EUR/USD trading pair in its activity. Entering the market is carried out at the moment of crossing the average and closed orders.
  3. BumbleBeeFX works within the framework of a trend strategy, trades a variety of currency pairs, gives a significant percentage of drawdown, and is equipped with a stop loss function. Thanks to a special protective system that responds to sudden changes in the market, the robot is very reliable and does not give large losses.
  4. Laba Forex EA belongs to the type of short-term robots, trading on the trend principle, two currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD. Equipped with a stop loss that allows you not to lose the entire Deposit. The maximum drawdown is fixed at 45%.
  5. WallStreet Robot is a scalping medium-term and short-term EA. The robot trades three currency pairs, namely EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD / JPY. It has the ability to work not only on the basis of the MetaTreder platform. The maximum drawdown reaches 50%.

Forex robots are a great way to automate the entire trading process, provide accurate and timely analysis, and prevent Deposit loss.