Forex Indicator – ZigZag Pips Info

ZigZag Pips Info is an indicator that uses many strategies, and also acts as a filter. Breakdown strategies, support and resistance, 2-3-5 elliott waves, scalping and others. It will be a great helper or addition to your forex trading strategy.

In the MT4 forex terminal, there is already a ZigZag indicator, as a default tool. This forex indicator has an advantage in replenishment settings. In the open parameters there are such features as: show the size of the pips (it can serve as an arrow in some cases), show the information panel on the MT4 chart, turn on the alert by the number of pips and more.
Since the forex ZIGZAG indicator tends to redraw, 1-10% of the pips may be false (redraw (alert)).
This system does not contain any additional formula, it uses the usual standard ZigZag which does not need any multi-timeframe (MTF). On any timeline with certain settings, the Zig zag indicator will show the same line.

Of course, you need to choose the best settings yourself. After all, each of us trades in different ways, someone likes longer positions, someone short. With small pips or large. This is not the forex indicator where there can be two buttons “buy” and “sell”. MT4 gives us much more options for customizing and fine-tuning trading.

Below you will see the settings in the open options. In the screenshots I will try to show as much as possible what the ZigZag Pips Info indicator looks like.

High and Low ZigZag indicator

zigzag indicator

Only High Zig Zag indicator

zigzag indicator mt4

Only Low Zig Zag indicator

zigzag mt4

Description of Forex indicator settings “ZigZag Pips Info“:

zig zag indicator settings

Password – your activation password.

BarsDepth – the number of bars.
ReversalPercent – minimum size in %.
UseReversalPips – set the minimum size in points (TRUE) or in percentage (FALSE).
ShowBarsCount – display the number of bars.
ReversalPips – the minimum size in points (4 digits).
ShowPipsValue – sign the size of the knees.
FontSize – font size.
FontName – name font.
FontColor – font color.
TextIndentUp – shift of the upper captions.
TextIndentDown – shift of lower captions.

Use_Alert – use or not use the POPUP window with sound.
Alert_pips_Minimum – the minimum number of pips for the signal.
Alert_pips_Maximum – maximum number of pips for a signal.
Sound_alert – use sound without POPUP or not use.
Name_sound – the name of the sound.
Variable – options for showing the table on the graph. High and Low, only High, only Low. (10 last lines of ZigZag indicator).
Font – table font.
Width – the font size of the table.
X – is the position on the chart of the table.
Y – position on the chart of the table.
Color_UP – color of the lines up.
Color_Down – the color of the lines down.
Show_on_chart – show the table on the chart or not.

Buy Forex Indicator – ZigZag Pips Info

I offer only ex4 file for MetaTrader 4. Without additional instructions.

Price35 USD

After payment, write in the mail your account number. To activate the indicator.

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