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The indicator ZigPips displays on the graph of the movement, greater or equal to the corresponding threshold in percentage or points. The ZigPips indicator is a truncated analog of the Gelium_Trend indicator.

  • This version of the indicator can be applied to the instrument several times with different settings to get several different zigzags.
  • Added output of the value of ReversalPips in the upper left corner of the screen. If there are several indicators on the chart, then they conflict and each rewrites this value.
  • Added automatic definition of ReversalPips. If the value of ReversalPips is 0 when the indicator is set, then the timeframe is less than M30 ReversalPips = 35, from M30 to N1 ReversalPips = 70, more H1 ReversalPips = 140.
  • Fixed a bug creating new and new ones of the same objects each time a new bar was opened.

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