Forex Indicator – Wildhog-nrp-divergence

forex indicator Wildhog-nrp-divergence

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Forex indicator of divergences “Wildhog nrp + divergence”

Forex indicator divergence Wildhog nrp + divergence not only determines their type, but also works with levels of oversold and overbought, and also gives recommendations on entering the market.

Forex indicator Wildhog nrp + divergence, as is clear from the title, is designed to identify and determine divergences on the price chart of the currency pair.

Forex indicator of divergences Wildhog nrp + divergence recognizes bull and bear divergences, displays them on the chart, and can also display a signal window with a message about the detection of divergence, alert with an audible signal and send a message to the mail.

In addition to revealing the divergence of forex indicators Wildhog nrp + divergence operates with levels of overbought and oversold, and also indicates recommendations for entering the market arrows.