Forex Indicator – Supertrend Audible Alert

Forex profitable indicator

Forex profitable indicator “Supertrend Audible Alert” settings:

Forex profitable indicator

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Supertrend Audible Alert – one of the versions of the popular forex indicator Supertrend, which, as it is not difficult to understand from the title, is engaged in tracking the trend.

As with previous versions, Audible Alert indicates a color in the direction of the trend: green – ascending, red – descending. Forex profitable indicator is very intuitive and convenient in trend strategies. It basically contains signals from the CCI indicator.

A distinctive feature of this indicator is the sound signal a little before the color change of the line.

Profitable indicator Supertrend Audible is really a popular trend indicator, however we do not recommend using it only because of its unpleasant quality – it is often redrawn.