Forex Indicator – Super Point Signal

Forex indicator mt4 free download

Forex indicator mt4 Super Point Signal settings:

Forex indicator mt4 free download

Forex indicator mt4 Super Point Signal free download

The topic of this article is the Super Point Signal (SPS) indicator, which shows the optimal levels for entering the market without redrawing. Unlike most other switch indicators, Super Point Signal signals are characterized by good statistics of profitable mining, which makes it an excellent addition for any scalping and medium-term trading system.

The creator of the SPS indicator is Kravcoff, which appears under this nickname in various RuNet forums. Download the indicator and see its code is impossible. The code is closed, so the exact SPS principle is unknown. Logically, it can be seen that its signals appear at the time of price exit from the levels of local oversold / overbought and are smoothed through a certain filter, protecting against the “noise” of volatility of quotations of traded assets. At the same time, this indicator works without redrawing, allowing you to test the accuracy of its signals on history and rely on its effectiveness during real trading.

On the other hand, the relative stability of SPS against price “noise” does not allow using this indicator when scalping on M1-M5. That is, to work with this indicator, older timeframes, with longer-term goals, are suitable.

During the testing of SPS signals, the timeframes M30 and H1 turned out to be the best timeframes in terms of the accuracy of the indicator signals.