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support resistance levels indicator mt4

Thanks to the SupDem program, it will become much easier to trade, you’ll see. It is used as part of Forex strategies and autonomously. You can use this algorithm as an entry point pointer for the automatic advisor.

The SupDem indicator builds support and resistance levels in automatic mode. Moreover, it corrects important levels as soon as updates appear on the market or when the time interval is changed.

The SupDem indicator builds important price levels on the chart, which can be used both for trading on the hook and for trading on the breakdown. To date, there are many different strategies that involve trading at breakdown or rebound from support and resistance levels.

Many indicators produce signals based on strong price pulses, as a result of which such signals are not always reliable. After all, the price movement in one direction or another can stop at any time, and the price can return to its previous value, which will inevitably lead to the occurrence of losses.

To avoid such excesses, traders prefer to further track the location of prices relative to important price levels. The indicator SupDem builds on the graph 2 lines:

  1. The resistance line, which passes through the maxima at a certain time interval. Here I want to note that the maximums on different time frames are usually different, hence the resistance levels are located at different heights.
  2. Support line. This straight line is built on the basis of minimal extremes.

The indicator SupDem builds important price levels, than essentially adhere to trade. This tool can be used alone or in combination with other indicators.

I want to note right away that the SupDem indicator is easy to configure. In the second version of this tool, more than 50 settings, which do not need to be adjusted, so that the indicator correctly builds important price levels.

It is important to remember that when news pulses occur, the price can break through several resistance / support lines without testing.

File for MT4 (ex4).

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