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A unique profit indicator for beginners and pros – STS 2008. The indicator is not redrawn.
If the signal has appeared, it will not disappear anywhere and will not jump. Relying on its signals, you will have a profit roughly equal to 100-200% of the depot per month.

The system is very easy to use (even a schoolboy will figure it out): the up arrow means open the BUY, the SELL down arrow. To trade on this system does not need to know any complex nuances of technical analysis, which makes the indicator even more attractive for a novice trader who wants to learn the art of trading skills on FOREX.

If you consider yourself a professional, then this indicator can provide you with invaluable help in filtering out your signals.

The results of the indicator’s work cause delight. The system finds the tops and bottoms of the trend with high accuracy, which increases the system’s profitability and reduces the drawdown to a minimum.