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forex indicator SDX-TzPivots

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Forex Indicator - SDX-TzPivots

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TzPivots MetaTrader indicator – must be attached to the schedule with timeframe H1 or lower. This indicator will display pivot points, as well as support and resistance lines for intraday trading. He calculates them according to his own formula, based on the previous trading session. You can use the received lines to enter and exit positions. The indicator records all data in the global variables of the MetaTrader platform, which allows all expert advisers connected to the terminal to use them. TzPivots is available in MT4 and MT5 versions.

If you are familiar with pivot points and support and resistance lines, using this indicator will not cause you any questions. The central pivot line is a point of high probability of a turn. The further the support and resistance lines are from the central pivot line, the weaker they are. The weaker the line, the price it will be easier to break it.