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price action pattern indicator mt4

Forex Indicator Patterns “PricePatterns” displays the most common figures of the technical analysis of the Forex currency market on the chart.

Forex Indicator trends “PricePatterns“, as is clear from the title, is designed to search and identify the figures of technical analysis on the chart of the currency pair.

The Price Patterns indicator allows you to find the most common price patterns:

  • Head and shoulders;
  • Inverted head and shoulders;
  • Double / triple top;
  • Double / triple bottom;
  • Triangle;
  • Converging and divergent wedge.

Forex Indicator trading PricePatterns has a whole system of alerts for finding a pattern, and also allows you to customize the display of only the desired figures of technical analysis.

We recommend using forex indicator Price Action Patterns on timeframes from H4 and older, and also recall that the technical indicator is just an assistant to the trader in making a trading decision, so blindly rely on the figures found TA is not worth it.

Works on the MT4 terminal (MQ4, EX4).

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