Forex Indicator – PriceAlert

Forex Indicator - PriceAlert

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Forex indicator Price Alert – one of the best signal indicators, which implemented 3 options for signaling when reaching a given price level.

Forex indicator Price Alert is designed to provide the trader with a sound signal about reaching or overcoming the price of the established price level.

In the trading indicator Price Alert there are three types of signaling:

  • SoundWhenPriceGoesAbove – The price has risen above the set level (green line)
  • SoundWhenPriceGoesBelow – The price fell below the set level (red line)
  • SoundWhenPriceIsExactly – The price has reached the specified level (yellow line)

In addition to the sound alert, the text message is output in a separate window of the trading terminal, as well as notification by e-mail.