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For trading in the Forex market, there is a huge number of analytical tools designed to facilitate the work of the trader in analyzing the market situation.

A separate group of such instruments include channel indicators that do not heavily clutter the schedule, but can provide enough analytical information to make a balanced decision to enter or exit the market.

Such algorithms simplify the work of speculators, so they can often be found in some trading strategies. One of these channel indicators will be discussed in more detail today.

Description of the indicator Price Border

The analytical tool under consideration is presented in the form of a channel consisting of three multicolored lines. The two extreme lines are the boundaries of the channel. The average line is a kind of balance.

The algorithm, embedded in the Price Border, is based on the notorious TMA, which, in turn, is a symbiosis of the Bollindger Bands and ATR indicators.

Application of Price Border in the auction

After we have studied the settings of the analytical tool under consideration, it is worthwhile to make out the options for its possible use in trade. However, before this one must make one very important observation.

This algorithm redraws its values. In other words, the Price Border angle of inclination can vary, but this does not prevent you from analyzing and making weighted decisions based on its readings in real time.

Let’s look at possible options for using Price Border in trading:

  1. Work in the flat from the canal boundaries;
  2. Trend approach – entrances to the side of the channel inclination;
  3. Scalping towards the senior timeframe;
  4. Signal conditioning from the senior TF.