Forex Indicator – PINBAR

forex pin bar alert

Pin-bar is one of the most popular and popular patterns of Price Action. Visually, it is easily identified on the charts, but when you have many currency pairs open in the terminal, also at different timeframes, you can not keep track of everything, you can easily skip a good pin bar. In this case, the indicator that determines the pin bar automatically will come to the rescue.

Good forex indicator of candlestick patterns PINBAR. Unfortunately it does not have any settings, but it shows very accurate signals, using filters of your trading system such as MA / MACD / RSI – PIN BAR, the indicator will yield profitable results.

We recommend using this forex PINBAR on timeframes for 5-30 minutes. At the right moment he will give a sound alert.

You can also use it in scalping strategies and reversal movements.

Use the “pin bar indicator alert” in the metatrader 4 terminal. The file is executed in mq4 and ex4.

Download indicator PINBAR