Forex Indicator – Nik_PSAR_2B

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Forex Indicator Nik_PSAR_2B settings:

Forex mt4 indicators free download

Forex Indicator – Nik_PSAR_2B download

Indicator Nik PSAR 2B is a collection of several standard indicators Parabolic SAR with the function of sound signaling about an upward or downward trend. In addition, this indicator can be configured not only for the current time frame, but up to the next three time periods behind it, this function helps to trade only towards the main trend.

AlertsEnabled allows you to turn off the sound notification about the appearance of a signal to buy or sell, because by default it is turned on. This signal is characterized not only by the sound notification, but by the appearance of a signal window with information on which instrument, what period and in which direction the signal appeared (Up – buy, Down – sale).

TF4, TF3 and TF2 allow you to set the number of timeframes above this, which should be monitored by the indicator, while all “parabolics” from the higher frame time are indicated on a single graph of this period. In order to “enable” all 4 time frames including this one, you need to set the TF4 parameter to the “true” position – enable, and the other two TF3 and TF2 to the “false” – turn off. The same must be done for 3-time frames, in order to “enable” only three periods – TF3 set to “true”, and the other two to “false”. I think it’s already clear how to “include” 2 periods, but in order to leave only one period, you need to disable all three parameters, that is, “false”.

Well, with the parameters Step and Maximum, I think and so everything is clear, since these are standard parameters, the standard indicator Parabolic SAR, which is installed by default in any terminal of Meta Trader 4.