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Forex Indicator – LIDE download

Forex indicator $lide$ is an author’s indicator that gives three types of trading signals, the most effective of which is price divergence, which the indicator determines with high accuracy.

Forex trading indicator $ lide $ is the author’s development of the forex forum user with the nickname Crossluck, designed to search for price reversal zones.

Forex indicator $lide$ represents a curved line that is displayed in the basement of the price chart.

The $ lide $ indicator gives three types of trading signals:

  1. divergence;
  2. the intersection of the zero level indicator line;
  3. peaks and troughs of the indicator line.

According to the author, the forex indicator $lide$ shows divergence very accurately, while the greater the difference between price extremes, the more accurate and reliable the signal. After the appearance of the divergence point, the author recommends opening a position on the second candle.

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