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Best forex indicators mt4

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InfoPanel – an indicator that will show information about the instrument (specification, current positions) and help in risk management. The informer works perfectly with the accounts of major currencies (USD, EUR), as well as ruble ones. Works on all tools! When installed on a schedule, the informer will determine the language of your MetaTrader terminal, and if it is different from Russian, all text will be displayed in English. Also, the panel can be moved to any place convenient for you. By default, as well as changing the timeframe, the informer panel will be set to the upper left corner.

Information on the tool can be seen in the main window of the utility:

1. The button “Orders on Chart”, when clicked on the chart, all orders on this instrument will be displayed in the form of dotted lines: red – orders for sale, blue – orders for purchase.

2. The symbol on which the indicator is set.

3. “ATR: 38” – the average change in price for the last N candles – the adjustable value in external variables.

4. Timer – the time remaining until the end of the current candle is displayed in the format “hh: mm: ss”.

5, 6, 7 – lines that display information on orders for purchase or sale: 4 – the number of orders, 5 – the volume of orders (lots), 6 – order profit.

8. Button “Risk Manager” – opens an additional panel in which you can see information about your account (balance, free funds), and using input fields calculate your risks.

9. “Market Info” button – opens another panel on which you can see some information on the instrument (size of the spread, the cost of the item, the security at 1 lot, etc.).