Forex Indicator – HI LOW v1 mtf

Forex indicator high low

Forex Indicator HI LOW v1 mtf settings:

Forex indicator high low

Forex Indicator HI LOW v1 mtf download

At the indicator at a great variety. By activating the indicator, by the way Hi (v. 1) MTF is not included in the standard MT4 platform set, it needs to be downloaded separately, before us opens the standard settings panel, in which, as usual, we see 5 tabs.

  1. About the program. A little information about the programmer and so on.
  2. Are common. The tab includes a standard set of settings associated with attaching different libraries.
  3. Input parameters. On this tab, we will dwell in more detail, read on.
  4. Colors. Sets the color of the indicator, but in this case the tab does not participate in the settings.
  5. Display. There is a choice of timeframes, on which the set indicator should be displayed.

There is no fiction in the indicator. Who needs an indicator for displaying Hi and Low, without additional chips, will fit perfectly. And yet I will propose an addition in the form of Alert. In my opinion, if there was a warning signal at the intersection of Hi or Low, it would be much more interesting. After all, we are not always at the computer. And in general, the product is good and, I think, you can use.