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Forex indicators pivot points

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Forex indicators pivot points

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Indicator FXI Pivots. Pivot levels on the Forex chart.

In today’s publication, we will look in detail at the level indicator FXI Pivots, which was mentioned in passing while studying the Genesis Matrix strategy. In fact, this algorithm is universal and can be used not only for marking purposes, but also for identifying signals for opening orders.

The logic of FXI Pivots does not differ from other indicators of pivot levels, except for the only significant difference that it shows its historical values, and does not remove the previous layouts. Such an insignificant at first glance, amendment significantly expands the scope of the algorithm, as the market often reacts not only to the levels indicated in the “now” moment, but also to important price zones in the recent past.

Before proceeding to the description of settings and entry points, let us recall what pivot levels are. In general, these are price benchmarks calculated solely by means of mathematical relationships, which are of greatest interest to sellers and buyers. In all other respects, they are no different from manual markings.