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Forex indicator candlestick patterns

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Forex indicator candlestick patterns

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Recently, more and more traders have come to the conclusion that using standard indicators does not help them in trading, as the market has changed dramatically and most of the signals are trite late. As you know, there is a trading system that is just based on the search for entry points solely on the study of the behavior of quotations. Speech, of course, about the famous strategy called Price Action, the foundations of which in his book once laid Steve Nisson. But it’s rather troublesome to look for formations on different instruments and timeframes independently, so professionals have developed a candlestick indicator that independently analyzes the price behavior and determines the necessary patterns.

Applying a similar trading tool, a trader who does not even remember all the patterns, can easily work and earn money on Forex and other financial markets. It is enough only to install an indicator to your terminal, open candlestick charts of the necessary trading assets, attach this analysis tool to each of them and wait calmly when the necessary conditions for opening a deal are formed in the market.

Advantages of use are obvious – significant time savings and the ability to quickly assess the situation with the easiest search for the most promising trading situations on various assets and timeframes. Moreover, in order to simplify the task even more, the indicator of candlestick patterns with an alert will be considered below.

At the moment, the best is the indicator of candlestick patterns CPI. The name is not chosen by chance, but is an abbreviation from the description of the principle of the work of this tool – Candle stick Pattern Indicator or abbr. – CPI.

The operation of the indicator is quite simple. After the installation on the chart, he will independently look for candle patterns with the terminal on and if one of them is to play a loud squeaking sound with the appearance of an alert window. At the same time, directly on the chart of the trading asset, where a suitable Price Action formation was found, its name will appear in Russian and an arrow indicating which way to open the trading position.