Forex Indicator – CCI Divergence V1.1

forex indicator CCI Divergence V1.1

Settings Forex Indicators CCI Divergence V1.1 mt4:

forex indicator CCI Divergence V1.1 mt4

Forex indicator divergence “CCI Divergence v.1.1” M5M15 is the divergence indicator optimized for the M5 and M15 timeframes, based on the popular CCI indicator.

When divergences are detected, forex indicator CCI Divergence v.1.1 displays a text message in a separate window.

The CCI_Divergence_V1.1 indicator is an indicator of divergence. It shows visually the divergence (divergence) between the movement of the quotation price and the CCI indicator. Very effective indicator, often used in various trading systems. Indicator CCI_Divergence_V1.1 – multi-signal indicator, gives a signal for divergence, as well as for the indicator CCI, when the zone is oversold and overbought.

Signals for purchases or sales are visually shown as green (purchase) and red (sale) arrows. This indicator is perfectly combined with other trend indicators: BrainTrend2, cycle indicators: CycleIdentifier and oscillators: All Stochastic. Parallel use of candlestick analysis at key points will allow more accurate determination of the current trend. The various candlestick patterns emerging on the tops allow traders to effectively enter the trade.

Type of indicator: information-trend.
Temporary timeframe: 30M, 1H, 4H.
Financial instrument: quotations of the forex market, shares and derivatives.

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