Forex Indicator – Candle Timer Alert & Spread

candle time mt4

Clock bar closing timer alert

candle time and spread indicator mt4

Settings MT4 forex indicator for coundown time candle

countdown closing time

Description of Forex indicator settings “Candle Timer Alert“:

Candle_type1. This time in seconds goes ahead 00:01 00:02 00:03 etc. 2. This is the countdown of the candle time when the price goes back 04:59 04:58 04:57 etc.
xAlert – enable or disable the audible signal and the message before closing the bar.
SoundName – the name of the sound file for the alert.
TimeAlert – time in seconds for the alert signal to close the candle.
UseSpread – use or not use spread information on the MT4 chart.
font_color – you can change the text color of the indicator on the chart.
font_size – you can change the font size of the text indicator timer.
font_name – change font design for written text information.
x – change the position of the forex timer indicator horizontally.
y – change the position of the MT4 indicator clock vertically.
ActivationCode – is your activation password.

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Article benefits Timer Indicator

Candle time and spread indicator mt4 – helper, with supportive function. Its main purpose for countdown closing time. Thanks to it, the process of trading becomes convenient for the user.

Indicators are divided into 2 main types:

  • Analyzing algorithms;
  • Algorithms are assistants that simplify the work of traders and help to make the right decision in time.

Since the closing of the candle is a signal that the market has come to some important point, the speed and correctness of the decision depends on the size of the expected profit. Thanks to the bar timer indicator mt4, the trader will be able to assess the prospects for a possible market entry or closing positions in time. In addition, knowing the time to close the candle, the user can correctly calculate the possible losses and prevent them. The main advantage is that it can be used for both medium and long-term trading, as well as scalping.

By installing candlestick clock with daily timers, the market participant will be able to prepare this or that solution in advance. With it, the trader will always be aware of market changes and will be able to react to them. This indicator is not related to the choice of tactics, trading assets and time intervals.