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ABC_RG_VV_zhig trade on wave patterns

Forex indicator of patterns ABC_RG_VV_zhig – one of the best indicators for identifying and trading on 5 wave patterns.

Forex indicator of patterns ABC_RG_VV_zhig, the author of which is a forexforum user P123, is intended for recognition on the tops of a zigzag and shading of the following basic basic 5 wave patterns:

  • The trend pulse 12345 or i-ii-iii-iv-v;
  • Wolf wave 1w 2w 3w 4w 5w – 6ww;
  • Triple with a central triple = AB (avc) -C;
  • Elementary triple ABC (3-wave pattern);
  • Diagonal abcde;
  • Divergent diagonal of several types, including the divergent triangle;
  • Horizontal triangles of several types (Gorizontal Inclined, Inclined Running, Inclined Skewed, Running Skewed), which are used as bundles in combinations in the place of wave B or 4;
  • As well as many modifications, for the determination of which up to 17 zigzag fracture points + up to 5 correction points are used.

Modifications of the basic 5-wave pattern are the logical conditions on the basis of which the “previous” waves and figures are “fastened” to the base pattern and an attempt is made to determine a larger wave shape. It should be understood that both the definition of the base pattern and its modifications occur by a logical analysis of the vertices obtained at this particular specified zigzag step of the indicator. It should be borne in mind that the zigzag in determining the vertices can both skip important points from the point of view of the VA, and give “extra” points. If you change the step, the model may change. The adequacy and applicability of the received markings and figures is an exceptionally independent solution of the trader.

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