Moving Average Expert Advisor Crossover

Forex experts advisors on moving average indicator

Among Forex traders, it is widely believed that simple trading strategies for technical analysis, such as forex crossing moving averages robots, are unprofitable. But, in fact, the reason for the loss of such systems is in the stupidity of traders and their inability to manage emotions.

Expert advisors (experts) are programs developed in the programming language MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4). Below are Experts which one can download for free on the internet, on the program’s website or special website providing programs for forex, and use as an example, for testing, training or developing your own experts.

But pay attention. Their use is at your own risk. Before using an expert moving advisors crossover, first of all, it is necessary to understand how technical indicators underlying the expert Advisor works, with which currency pairs it is best to use Expert Advisors and for which market conditions it is best suited. Direct attention, robots cannot make only profit. Wastes in this business are unavoidable.

1. Linear Weighted Moving Average Crossover EA

The program opens two main positions based on the intersection of two lines of linearly weighted moving averages. When a fast linear weighted moving average line crosses a slow one from the bottom up, it means the Robot buys. If the fast LWMA (linear weighted moving average line) crosses a slow one from top to bottom, EA sells. Such a strategy is designed to trigger and only be in the market part of the time. The robot has the ability to set adjustable stop and limit orders to control outputs.

2. Moving Average Crossover Expert

Expert serves the same options as the previous Expert. It opens positions based on price movements relative to the position of the three moving averages. If price moves below three moving averages, the Program opens long positions, if higher, then a short one. The strategy provides for adjustable stops or limits. Moving average robot is available to download for free.

3. Moving Average with ADX Filter

Advisor opens different positions on the basis of signals from the moving averages intersection and ADX indicator used as a filter. When fast average crosses the slow average from top to bottom, EA opens short positions, and Vice versa if from bottom to top, long positions are opened. This Advisor applies directional index indicators as a filter to prevent the opening of a position during periods when the market is in a sideways trend, i.e. the average directional index value is <25. Parameters such as directional index, MA, stop and limit can be changed to optimize Expert operations.


Advisers cannot be considered as super tools, but are very stable. It is a good example showing that even the simplest technical analysis works well and can make some profit. It is best to use advisors in the portfolio, along with other advisors. It will not bring much profit, but will serve as useful additions to a trader’s “money machine”.

New users can use the tutorial for installing and usage of simple moving average advisors. We advise you to use these Experts as a training “machine” and together with your main trading system, where you can check robot’s transactions.