Forex Expert Advisor – NIKITA v1

Trend EA NIKITA v1 – universal trend expert advisor in forex, including a variety of parameters for precise add-ons.

Develop for work in any market in any conditions. Works on any currency pair on any timeframe. Trading expert advisor can be optimized on any time interval with profitable settings.

It is based on 7 forex indicators entering market and 3 filters.

3 trend filters: Moving Average, MACD and RSI. Standard best indicators in MT4. Variable Parameter: turned on or off together with incoming points in the market.
7 points in market can also change turned on or off. Each of them can be tested separately. These modes make FX Advisor NIKITA versatile and gives a lot of opportunities experimentation.

Input signals:

  1. FS30_Platinum_2016 1 (Need a license your account)
  2. FS30_Platinum_2016 2
  3. CandleSizeAlert
  4. EMA_Cross
  5. FS30_2014
  6. trendMajor
  7. trendMinor


  1. MACD
  2. MA
  3. RSI

All indicators have MTF settings multi-timeframe! Each indicator used or not used. Gives a lot of opportunities to find profitable settings.

Screenshots of indicators

(example, what tools are used by expert advisor Nikita.)

FX FS30_Platinum_2016 2

It can show the best profitable results on H1-H4, as well as below M5-M15, but you need to optimize  internal parameters indicator.


FX CandleSizeAlert

One most optimized indicators (in my opinion) EA. Many profitable options can be obtained without using MT4 filters.


FX EMA_Cross

Easy way to get a signal to enter market. I recommend using it in conjunction with MT4 filters. The intersection of 2 moving averages.


FX FS30_2014

This is a complex indicator MT4 terminal, I recommend using it on short intervals with H1-MN timeframe.


FX trendMajor & trendTrand

This is a good trend indicator. You can also find a lot of profitable settings in any market and chart. Expert Advisor on these signals will give very stable result long time.


MT4 MACD (example, EA uses standard MT4 indicator)


MT4 MA (example, forex experts uses standard MT4 indicator)


MT4 RSI (example, forex advisors uses standard MT4 indicator)


Forex Expert Advisor NIKITA v1 settings:

Profitable Expert Advisor MT4 Optimization example:

On chart, you can see that Expert Advisor does a different number of orders, but mostly there are few of them. With any market volatility, trend filters will help, which will eliminate unprofitable orders.

Optimization on real quotes XM dealing center, pair AUDUSD M5, 100 options with a start deposit 5$. Various settings, on and off filters, input indicator Size Candles with different values. Period of one month is 2018.08.08-2018.09.08.

View backtesting results –