Automatic trading system Trend Scraper (Broker Hacker), Forex Robots

Automatic trading system Trend Scraper (Broker Hacker), Forex Robots

Stable and easiest to manage trading robot from reliable developers of algorithmic trading systems. 100% Autonomous.

No need to waste time on long optimizations. Set two parameters and start! The set includes a lot of ready-made settings for a variety of different traded instruments.

The name of the robot speaks for itself. The task of this robot is to “hack” the trend in its Bud at the beginning of the movement of currency pairs or indices (futures) and as long as possible to accompany the open transaction in the direction of the trend for maximum profit. After the end of the movement, the robot takes profit and stands in the direction of a new trend as soon as it starts.

“Hacking” of the trading system

The Trend Scraper trading system uses a stop loss invisible to the Forex dealer, so it can not be “knocked out” of the position. Also, the default is not used stopping profit take profit, so the profit can grow as long as the price moves, not limited to anything!

In the robot settings, you can enable “smart stop loss” or “breakeven” function, but as the tests showed, these strict restrictions (and even more so visible to the Forex dealer stop loss!) not needed at all for really profitable trading though you can use them. “Smart stop loss” does not depend on the price and entry point to the market and moves along a given trajectory over time.


A lot of currency pairs and index futures are an opportunity to catch more trends. With a slight drawdown of about 5% – 15%, this Forex Advisor can show up to 514% per annum in the standard modification and unlimited profitability in the PRO version with the recommended parameters and the proposed settings to it.

Low drawdown and high yield. Profit is derived from any directional movement (trend) from the 1-minute chart to the 1-week chart.

The algorithm is simple and stable. No need to understand a bunch of parameters – all settings are reduced to only two main parameters that can be optimized for any currency, futures, shares or even gasoline. The only important thing for the robot is the presence of trends in the traded instrument, and at any time intervals.

The minimum Deposit depends only on the number of traded instruments and can be any, but it is recommended to start with $ 300 or more.


The only drawback of this EA is that it is not able to make a profit at the time of “chatting” prices near one value (when the market is “sideways”). Therefore, trading is conducted on relatively large time intervals (more than 5m) and on many trading instruments at once. As a way out of the situation, the robot is trained to trade many currency pairs, stock indices, futures, shares and CFDs simultaneously, which allows to cover possible losses on one instrument with a greater profit on the other. The number of traded instruments depends only on your Deposit size and the capabilities of the chosen Forex dealer.