Automatic trading system Trend a Lot

Automatic trading system Trend a Lot

In 2 minutes this robot will save 71% of your budget

Is it possible to say so about you:

  • Do you think that a good robot should close all trades in a plus
  • Do you prefer free or low-cost Forex expert advisors
  • You do not understand how you can pay for a robot, say, 50 000 rubles
  • You are in search of a robot that will earn you money without your participation

If you basically answer “Yes” , you can close this page as further information is for serious traders…

How will the Trend’a’lot trading robot help to increase the Deposit by an average of 17% every month?

The automatic trading system is based on the TD-line breakout algorithm. These are supply and demand lines that the robot builds on its own. As soon as the supply or demand line breaks through, the robot opens a trade and places a take profit at the breakout target level.

Stop loss is set according to the trader’s specified conditions, depending on what strategy he prefers. It is also possible to trade with trailing stops. Watch the video to clearly understand the work of Trend’a’lot:

5 reasons to use this trading robot:

Simple program. It is based on one of the best algorithms of the father of technical analysis Thomas Demark. High rates of your profitability are associated with the ease of placing orders. The fewer conditions, the more reliable the expert Advisor does its work.

Time saving. You do not need to sit for hours behind the monitor and speculate manually. While you are at work or busy with their own Affairs, the robot controls the situation on the stock market on their own.

Clear risk management. Even a trader with experience and a prescribed table of inputs and outputs gives in to emotions, as a result, loses many times more than he could afford. Or he earns less than he planned. The machine has no feelings, the stop is triggered at a given time algorithm. You will save thousands of dollars and millions of rubles without succumbing to emotions.

Guarantee. You get advice and prompt assistance in setting up a trading system. As well as absolute software support on any day of the week without days off.

Bonuses. You get free software updates, information and voice advice on robot optimization. Plus, we connect you to the program of cumulative discounts up to 50% on all our products.