10 Forex expert advisors

10 Forex expert advisors

Forex trend Advisor

Ilan Advisor is widely known among Forex traders. It is a fully automatic robot that provides a considerable income, thanks to a unique strategy. The developers of this EA are convinced that it is highly likely to provide a long break-even trade. Perhaps this is due to the use of thoughtful analysis of already open positions, in which the main share is occupied by loss prevention algorithms.

Forex Advisor – Forex Trend Scalper

Among other scalpers, the Forex Trend Scalper EA is notable for a strict schedule, according to which it works only on certain days and, accordingly, at a certain time of the day, which corresponds to the work of the target currency exchange.

For money management, the Forex trend Scalper expert Advisor has the ability of money management, with which you can set the percentage size of the lot relative to the total size of the Deposit. Due to this, reinvestment is also performed.

Review Advisor Forex Caspian EA

The Caspian EA expert Advisor is quite popular due to its efficiency. It is available in two versions: for EUR/CHF and GBP/USD. However, there are few places to download Forex expert Advisor designed for both currency pairs at the same time. Caspian EA trades on the H1 timeframe. The operating time is set, by default-from 22:00 to 00: 00 GMT.

Whether CADtrader – best expert Advisor for Forex?

The CADtrader expert Advisor is designed to work with the MetaTrader4 trading platform. It trades around the clock on USD/CAD currency pair with M5 timeframe. Now it is positioned as the best Advisor for Forex. To be considered as such, the author, Alfred Ebner, had to do a lot of work and study a variety of aspects of the financial market.

Profitable Forex trading advisors – Aladdin 2 FX

Few Forex trading advisors are profitable and free at the same time. One of the exceptions is the robot Aladdin 2 FX, which can be freely downloaded on the Internet. It stands out for its good performance, although it uses a lot of money in orders. By combining it with trailing, you can increase the profitability of the system. But before that, it is advisable to test the EA on a demo account, choosing the most suitable trailing.

The downside of Aladdin 2 FX is that it freezes a lot of money in trading. To avoid this, you can run the robot for only 15 minutes. During this time, he will open a lot of positions, but less than if the work was carried out around the clock. After that, you will only have to wait for the closing of orders, waiting for the drawdown. Profits will be achieved more slowly, but the risks are less.

Forex robots for MetatTrader4. Expert RelativeR2

The RelativeR2 expert Advisor is an automatic trading system based on the standard MT4 Stochastic Oscillator indicator. For the correct operation of the expert Advisor, it is necessary to connect the oscillator to the chart of the currency pair where the trade will be conducted.

Though RelativeR2 and can trade any currency pairs and any timeframes, but not everywhere it shows equally good results. It is best to run these Forex robots on GBP/USD chart with H1 timeframe. It is with these parameters that RelativeR2 will be the most profitable, which has been proved more than once by testing.

BCatcherR4 – expert advisors for Forex MetaTrader4

BCatcherR4 – extremely easy to handle and according to the principle of, efficient expert Advisor developed for fully automatic trading. Only one technical indicator – BollingerBands-is used to receive signals and analyze the market situation. This indicator allows you to determine with high probability the direction of the trend, if it began to form, and shows the trading channel. For Forex advisors to work properly, this indicator should be tied to the same chart.

Gepard 5.0 is the best advisors for Forex

Automatic trading robot Gepard 5.0 was created in 2010 and during its existence has been modified several times to match the current situation in the market. From many other best advisors for Forex are flexible settings, in this regard, Gepard 5.0 is clearly not far behind.

In its settings, you can specify more than 160 parameters regarding trading tactics and all the necessary moments in order to fully meet the wishes of the trader and to carry out profitable trading. All settings are painted and explained in the instructions supplied with the EA and made in PDF format.

Lucky the 2.4 is the best Forex expert advisors MT4

Advisor with such a friendly name Lucky 2.4 may be somewhat alert and wise trader may attract the attention of a beginner, but its effectiveness and ease of use is suitable for both groups of users.

This MT4 Forex expert Advisor is designed to provide automated trading with a scalping strategy that is standard for most robots. It shows the best results on small timeframes, from M1 to M30, and on the EUR/USD currency pair.

However, in the standard settings in the Period item you can see the value equal to the H1 timeframe. It is in this mode, for clarity, it is necessary to run Forex MT4 advisors in test mode on archive data.

Forex earnings with better expert Advisor

A distinctive feature of the better EA is that the developers have included the principles of neural network probabilities. This means that the robot is capable of self-learning. As a basis for the development of Better was used, the adviser of Alexander Topchylo, which became in 2007 the leader among automated trading systems. The development of the better EA started in 2008. Despite the fact that it has long been at the hearing of traders, popularity is not particularly received because of the ambiguity of its effectiveness. It is quite difficult to determine what is built on Forex earnings with better Advisor, but we will try to describe the basic principles of its work.